ChemicalsDirect was founded in 2015 by Jack Derington and Hu Tian Hong (Tim).  They had a vision to bring a real service to the often confusing and unreliable process of bringing chemical raw materials from China into North America.

Jack - I started my career working in chemical distribution in 1991 with Van Waters and Rogers (today Univar).  From there I worked for Huls Chemical in coatings colorants and its subsequent evolutions.  This job took me to Australia for 4 years and then China for an additional 16.  During that time I also worked for Estron Chemical (powder additives) and then Brenntag.  While a good portion of my career was spent in coatings, I love to learn about other industries, how they operate, what their needs are and how value can be added. I understand distribution and what it takes to be in the middle and still offer real value. I also have a great understanding of China, doing business there, sourcing there and what it takes to maneuver the relationships and negotiations.  Most importantly, I have an ego and pride that has been battered, bruised, and bullied while working in China.  There are no China experts (not even Chinese).  What there are, are people that are willing to get their hands dirty, be in the trenches and not take no for an answer. 

Tim - I have been a business owner in Shanghai since coming out of university.  I established Ding Ying to capitalize on the growing number of foreign companies that wanted to sell their materials in China.  From this distribution starting point, we further evolved into manufacturing and are always looking at new suppliers that want to come into China.  The markets of today though are very different than when I started.  China's capability to produce high grade materials and additives continues to improve, in many cases rivaling international suppliers.  These Chinese factories recognized the need to market their goods and not sell on price.  They recognized the need to actually be a branded international supplier and not just a 'Chinese factory'.  They also understood that marketing in the US and Western countries is much different than what they are used to.  This is where we come in.

Team - In addition to Tim and Jack, we have a great group of people that handle our sourcing, logistics and customer service from our Shanghai offices.  

Chemical sourcing made simpler